Working with me


My name is Andreja Ciković and I am the founder of Translate Croatian, working tirelessly to put your business on the map in Croatia.

I handle the majority of projects independently, but some require the assistance of other specialists such as medical professionals and native English speakers or collaboration with fellow translators in order to ensure quality and accuracy while meeting your deadlines.

Here is how a typical project works:

After making initial contact, a client sends over their text in order for me to provide a quote. The text is analysed and a word count is performed: pricing per word count ensures transparency from the outset. It is vital to have a well-functioning communication channel with the customer before, during and after the translation phase to resolve any uncertainties as soon as possible.


Then I send an offer to the client, outlining the number of words, price per unit, total price (with or without taxes) and the delivery deadline. Please note: rates are mostly agreed upfront, so a simple email to confirm the project is enough to accept my terms and conditions.


The client provides any special requests, instructions, style guidelines, previous translations or terminology lists, as explained in my Terms of service, and specifies their preferred CAT tool (if any). These specifications allow me to begin work on the translation.


Depending on the format of the files, a specialist translation tool will be used. Many businesses have their own localisation departments or DTP experts who can prepare the files themselves or give me guidance to do so.


The translation process includes consulting specialised resources and researching terminology. All translations are edited before delivery. If clients do not have their own reviewer, I can also arrange proofreading by a linguist colleague or medical professional.


The last step before delivery, QA checks are performed based on the client’s or my own checklists and using QA tools.


After the translation is completed and delivered via email, FTP or other previously specified channel, clients often have the document reviewed in-house and send their feedback.


I then provide advice and/or explanations to the client or their reviewer with the end goal of harmonising the text to achieve the best possible final version.


The final files are uploaded to the requested client location. After the file transfer is complete, post-delivery analysis is conducted to prepare optimal groundwork for successful future collaboration.


Want to work together?

How to order

Contact me via email at and request a quote.

The following details help me to provide an accurate, tailored quote for your project: source language, target language, word count, deadline, contact person, file format, software needed (if any), any special instructions and payment terms.


My daily capacity is 10 pages/2,500 words, 30 pages/7,500 words for proofreading and 30 pages/7,500 words for editing assignments.

All information, advice and documents provided will be held strictly confidential.

For more information, including pricing and invoicing details, see my Terms of service.