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English-Croatian and German-Croatian services

Translation and localisation

Translation is the process of converting a text written in one (source) language into another (target) language. Localisation (l10) often involves adapting the original text to the cultural and technical specificities of the target language and culture using specialist tools.

Back translation

Back translation is a subset of translation services, which describes translating an already translated document back into the source language and comparing it to the source file in the original language in order to check the accuracy of the translation. Back translations usually need to be quite a literal rendering of the translated text because the accuracy of the initial translation is evaluated. Back translators do not consult the original source text.


Proofreading compares the original and the translation, correcting meaning and terminology, checking for omissions and consistency and amending grammar, syntax and spelling errors. All of these corrections are then implemented in the translation.


Editing focuses on the translated material without consulting the original document. Editing can be done without the translation stage, so on an original document. All corrections are again implemented in the document.

Full TEP

TEP stands for translation, editing and proofreading. In this three-step service, two linguists or a medical expert work on the text, delivering premium quality content to clients who don’t have their own linguistic reviewers, or where the local representative office does not employ an in-house linguist.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is a review carried out on a translation where the document itself is not altered, but all errors and suggestions for improvement are listed in a QA form, with columns for the source language sentence, translated sentence, new translation and error categories. Corrections are not implemented in the translation.

Project management

If you need support for different languages or a large-scale project, my years of experience on the other side of the translation industry means that I’m more than equipped to help. I can source linguists or collaborate with your own preselected candidates and monitor progress from start to finish, ensuring that you achieve your objectives.

Notarised translations (coming soon)

From certificates to articles of association, I will soon be able to provide you with official translations for governmental authorities, international courts and more. I am currently completing a specialised course to gain the knowledge and skills required to ensure the highest professional standards.

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