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Definition of services

Translation is the process of converting a text written in one (source) language into another (target) language.

Localisation (l10) often involves adapting the original text to the cultural and technical specificities of the target language and culture using specialist tools.

Quality assurance (QA) is a review carried out on a translation where the document itself is not altered, but all errors and suggestions for improvement are listed in a QA form, with columns for the source language sentence, translated sentence, new translation and error categories. Corrections are not implemented in the translation.

Proofreading compares the original and the translation, correcting meaning and terminology, checking for omissions and consistency and amending grammar, syntax and spelling errors. All of these corrections are then implemented in the translation.o.

Editing focuses on the translated material without consulting the original document. Editing can be done without the translation stage, so on an original document. All corrections are again implemented in the document.

Full TEP is a three-step service where two linguists or a medical expert work on the, delivering premium quality content to clients who don’t have their own linguistic reviewers, or where the local representative office does not employ an in-house linguist.

Harmonisation is a process where two independent translators translate a document before comparing their work and jointly creating a final version.

Back translation describes translating an already translated document back into the source language in order to check the accuracy of the translation by comparing it to the source file in the original language.he source file in the original language.

Style guide creation refers to creating a manual explaining the grammatical conventions, formatting and stylistic preferences to be used throughout company documents and translations.

Glossary creation involves compiling a glossary of key terms ensuring both understanding and consistency.

Contact me via email at info@translate-croatian.com and request a quote.
The following details help me to provide an accurate, tailored quote for your project: source language, target language, word count, deadline, contact person, file format, software needed (if any), any special instructions and payment terms.

Fees are agreed upfront via email. All work is charged per source word, per hour or as a flat rate for minimum charge projects.

Invoices are issued 7 calendar days after delivery. In the event of regular, monthly work, the services performed during each month will be invoiced on the last day of the month in which they were rendered. I am a registered business entity in Croatia, paying local taxes. I accept wire transfer as means of payment.

My daily capacity is 10 pages/2,500 words, 30 pages/7,500 words for proofreading and 30 pages/7,500 words for editing assignments. If required, however, I can work alongside an experienced colleague to increase these figures.

If your files are in PDF format or any format other than Word, you will either need to provide the source files the PDF was based on or files prepared for translation in a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool. If this is not possible, an additional fee will be agreed for the extra formatting workload involved.

The client is obliged to review the services provided within 10 calendar days of delivery, and any justifiable amendments will be proactively implemented during this period. Any corrections or updates requested by the client after the project has started or after delivery, which were not mentioned when the project was requested, may incur an additional charge.

In order to facilitate quality and efficiency, the client is advised to provide the translator with any literature in the source or target language that may be useful for the translation, such as previously translated materials, style guides or glossaries.

Translate Croatian shall be held harmless from any claim of infringement of copyright or any legal action which may arise as a result of the content of the source materials. I reserve the right to refuse to translate material that is blasphemous, unlawful, racially or ethnically offensive or discriminatory.

All information, advice and documents provided will be kept strictly confidential. The name of the end client or translation project name will never be directly mentioned in any marketing material unless specifically agreed in writing.

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